How To Place An Order

We apologize for not having a “Shopping Cart” or “Add to Cart” button. We have found that with tie dye, there are too many combinations of color, design, style, and size to have a comprehensive list. We have posted examples of some of our designs in the ‘DESIGNS’ menu to give you an idea of some of the possibilities. Our intent is for YOU to help us design a product specific to you. After you have made a decision (or have ANY questions), please contact us and we will get started on your custom project/order.

What We Need From You

  1. Determine your Size
  2. Select your Style
  3. Pick your Design
  4. Choose your Favorite colors
  5. Contact us with your Preferences
    • We will Create your custom – made Wearable art.
    • We can take a picture of your project for you to approve.
    • Please allow 10 days from start to finish (not including shipping time).
  6. Please include your contact info so we can communicate and calculate shipping.