We love color and we feel that Tie Dye is a perfect vehicle to display and share our art. We use Procion MX which is a fiber reactive dye that chemically bonds to the cellulose molecules present in natural fibers like cotton, linen, and rayon. This is how we achieve beautiful, vibrant, and long lasting designs.  All our products are 100% cotton (except sweathirts – cotton/poly blend) which is great for comfort also.  There is little to no additional shrinkage as the fabric has been washed, dyed, rinsed multiple times, washed again, and finished off in a clothes dryer at low heat setting. The dye is colorfast and fade resistant but is susceptible to bleach. We suggest washing in cold water, gentle cycle, mild detergent (no bleach) with darks / colors. Each handmade design is UNIQUE due to the variances of the creative and dying process. We may have similar designs but NEVER a copy or duplicate. We hope you enjoy your “Wearable Art”.

Prayers and Peace,

Scott and Debbie.  

Delight in Life Designs.

Bargersville Farmers Market Summer 2022